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Background of the project

The hospital needs to improve the transmission efficiency, speed up the transmission speed and make it logistics. ESSEN BOX Logistic System transfers items: drugs, large infusion, specimens, disinfection kits, surgical instruments, disposable sterile items, bedding, meals, etc. We should improve the level of automation and intelligence of hospital logistics from two aspects of hardware and software.



Our company carried out field investigation. While studying the characteristics of hospital logistics business, we combined the mature technology in the field of industrial transportation and sorting , and developed the full-automatic medium-sized box logistics transmission system named EBLS (Essen box logistic system) suitable for hospital use.

We have an automatic safety isolation door at the entrance and exit of the station. When goods pass through, it will be automatically identified and opened. After them pass through, the fire isolation door will be automatically closed.

The horizontal transmission line active roller, driven roller and transmission module adopt the original imported brand with high speed, low sound and long service life.Green environmental protection.

The electric roller adopts the latest intelligent electric roller-SENERGY. The micro motor and drive card are imported from Japan, and their running noise is lower than 50DB. The driving roller has a built-in motor. The roller is wrapped with polymer composite damping material, which can effectively reduce the mechanical noise, eliminate the vibration, heat insulation and water resistance during operation.

The entrance and exit equipment adopts the integrated design, which is easy to install and maintain.The shell is solid, the operation is simple, compact and beautiful, and the transmission line is made by aluminum.

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