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Our company in-depth study of the characteristics of hospital logistics business, combined with the technology of industrial transportation and sorting, developed a full-automatic medium-sized box logistics transmission system EBLS (Essen box logistic system) suitable for hospital use,improving the level of hospital logistics automation and intelligence from both hardware and software. 

Transmission items: drugs, large infusion, specimens, disinfection kits, surgical instruments, disposable sterile items, bedding, meals, etc. 

Characteristics of logistics transmission system:

① The system is stable and reliable.Because the technology has been used for 40 years in industry. Combined with the actual situation of hospitals.Develop more equipment (such as safety protection devices, automatic doors, etc.) that can meet the needs of domestic hospitals.

② The target address of the turnover box is managed by bar code or RFID. The logistics transportation operation is fully automatic (no need to set the target floor manually), and the whole transportation process is monitored.

③ High transport stability: the turnover box is always horizontal without overturning or high acceleration. Horizontal transmission in both positive and negative directions ensures efficient and continuous transmission of the system.

④ The important parts are used famous international brand.The distributed driver is adopted to ensure the reliability, durability and environmental protection of the system.

⑤ Deeply connect with HIS system to improve information and automation.


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