Major Types Of Accumulating Conveyor Rollers

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The accumulating conveyor roller is used to temporarily hold, release, and stop materials on a conveyor. The usage is commonly associated with warehouses or manufacturing companies that want to maximize their output and productivity.


However, to get a high-quality accumulating conveyor roller that will increase your production and output, you need to contact a reliable and reputable conveyor roller manufacturer with many years of experience. Nevertheless, there are different types of accumulating conveyors in the market, but this article will focus on the types of accumulating conveyors.


Generally, we have two essential accumulating conveyor types, which are: zero-pressure conveyors, which is also called zero-line pressure (ZLP) conveyors, and minimum pressure conveyors.


Zero pressure accumulating conveyors

This type of conveyor has a function that can automatically stop/start to give the best control of the product. The cartons are brought to halt with the little buffering gap between them to avoid them touching each other. More so, the early type of these conveyors makes use of rollers that can sense pressure.


These pressure sensing rollers are sectioned into sectors, and they are mechanically connected to stop or start the conveying unit, depending on how pressure is detected.


Meanwhile, fairly efficient that conveys light items may become challenging when the pressure sensor is not depressing, also, linkages and springs may worn-out over a period. Presently, the zero-line pressure conveyors employ photo-sensing technology to discover when items are available on the line.

 accumulating conveyor roller

Minimum pressure accumulating conveyors

This kind of conveyors unceasingly moves all the loads forward. The loads are halted or prevented by physical stops such as belt brake or roller brake. When the loads come together, they are in contact with themselves.


However, when the conveyor has stopped moving the products, the is the minimization of the back pressure to commonly around 2% level. This is to make sure that upstream boxes’ pressure doesn’t have any crush on the first item in the row.


Sometimes, when the stopping mechanism is detached, there will be a release of boxes having the same pressure as the one they were held with.


The boxes may be released one after the other, in batches, or altogether, by removing and introducing the physical stopping mechanism. The minimum pressure conveyor rollers should be employed with similar weights and sizes of boxes within a short line conveyor.


The reason for this is to prevent any form of damages when the products are in connection with each other.


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