Categories, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Driven Roller Conveyor

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The driven conveyor roller is very reliable and versatile because they give benefits for handling materials in some difficult situation. Especially in transporting heavy materials.


Commonly, the conveyor roller can be used for transferring of car, turning device, and shuttles. And also, they good for low, medium, or high-speed purposes. Though, you may want to know which of the roller conveyors are the best to use for operations.


However, you can consult a reputable and reliable driven conveyor roller manufacturer with several experiences for a high-quality conveyor roller that will perform and provide efficiency for your applications properly.


More importantly, if you are going to embark on the project today, do you have an idea of the types and forms of roller conveyors that can be used for the project including the advantages and disadvantages?


This article explains some of the advantages and disadvantages of different roller conveyor.


The driven conveyor roller are categorized into 3 based on how their driving mechanism.


· Line-shaft conveyors

They are controlled by one electric device that circulates the shaft longitudinally under the roller. This type of conveyors has been in use over the years. They are less expensive and reliable. They provide an easy way of transporting low to medium weight totes and boxes.



· It is a secured and working technique for transporting boxes and totes.

· It is less expensive.

· They are robust and way very easy to care for.



· The older type can cause noise pollution.

· When the drive motor got spoilt, the long-parts of the conveyors stopped turning too.

 driven conveyor roller

Belt under roller conveyors

This kind of conveyors uses belt as their driving mechanism that moves in a perpendicular direction towards the rollers. Also the belt is usually driven using the power generated from a motor.


In this case, the turning of the belt, causes friction to be transmitted towards the under of the rollers, which causes the rollers to turn.



· It can give high output and speed.

· It produces less noise.

· It is good for transporting loads of medium weight across a long distance of about 30m.



· When the motor spoil, the conveyor long-parts will stop working.

· A particular accumulation level needs another drive to attend to the bends.


Motorized roller conveyors

The type of rollers is employed very well in the conveying system. They control and provide flexibilities for conveying system. It will help the processes of business in the future.



· It uses less energy compared to belt-under-roller and line-shaft

· When there is an issue with the motor, it will only affect a zone

· It is easy to maintain



· It gives low output and speed.

· It more expensive compared to others.


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