How to select conveyor rollers?

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Conveyor drum is one of the most important components of conveyor equipment, conveyor drum is composed of cylinder, shaft core, deep groove ball bearing and bearing mounting frame, conveyor drum has many kinds, each use is different, so how to select conveyor drum? Need to master what knowledge, let us conveyor roller manufacturers tell you .

Key points of conveyor roller selection:

1. How to select the wall thickness and shaft diameter of the drum

The wall thickness of the drum line can not be easily selected according to the experience. It is necessary to carry out mathematical calculation, distribute the weight of the conveying material evenly to the contact drum, calculate the bearing weight of each drum, and determine the wall thickness and shaft diameter.

2. How to select the material of the roller?

Roller conveyor to choose what material, surface treatment is galvanized carbon steel,black, plastic or stainless steel to determine according to the working environment.

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3. Finally, how to select the length of the drum?

The length of the roller conveyor is determined according to the width of the goods. Usually, the length of the conveying material +50mm is enough.

The above we mentioned is the key points of the selection of conveyor roller, and the following our conveyor roller manufacturers will tell you the key points of the selection of roller conveyor.

Key points of roller conveyor selection:

1. According to the first load to determine the selection of different materials and types of drum;

2. The food industry should be preferred to choose all stainless steel body and stainless steel roller;

3. The top surface height of the general conveyor roller is slightly lower than the side height of the fuselage.

 Users with special requirements can consider that the side height of the fuselage is higher than the top surface height of the drum or the same height.

4. When the user inquiry and selection, please try to provide detailed requirements, including material name, material properties, packaging size, machine material,rough size, speed and throughput requirements.

Next I will introduce the type of conveyor roller for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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Type of conveyor roller:

1.No power conveying drum: the simplest and most widely used way of conveying, the roller is running in a passive state, the goods rely on gravity or human force to push and pull the role of conveying, usually "level" or "tilt" layout.

2. Power conveying drum: the goods in the power conveying can be transported accurately, smoothly and reliably at the specified speed. According to the different transmission modes, it can be divided into two categories: "belt transmission" and "chain transmission".

★ Belt transmission: smooth operation, low noise, less pollution to the environment, allow high-speed operation, but its load capacity is relatively weak, should avoid working under the condition of oil pollution.

★Chain drive: large bearing capacity, strong applicability to the environment, can often contact with oil, water and high temperature occasions work, but in dusty environment when the chain is easy to wear. The transport speed of goods is generally not more than 30m/min.

3. Accumulation conveying drum: also known as accumulation conveying, it can not only realize the function of power conveying, but also allow the goods to stop accumulating on the conveying line under the condition that the driving device works, and the running resistance does not increase significantly.

4.Turn conveyor drum: the use of cone roller with different diameters of the size of the end, produce different linear speed, so that the goods smoothly turn transportation.


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