Different Types of Accumulating Conveyor Roller

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Previously, we outlined the types of situations that require gravity conveyor rollers. But that is only part of the puzzle. The choice of conveyor belts can be infinitely customized to optimize your plant's unique material handling requirements.


For example, taking facilities that transport materials of different weights as an example, it may be troublesome to adapt them to travel at different speeds on the rollers of a gravity conveyor. In this case, the power transmission belt should be the first stop to establish a positive product flow.

 accumulating conveyor rollers

1) Stacking conveyor roller

It has a lot in common with the movable roller conveyor roller, the difference is the ability to minimize or eliminate the driving pressure. This small but influential difference helps the stacking conveyor rollers (as the name suggests) to build up. When cartons are lined up/ fed to other stages in the material conveying pipeline, the accumulation of conveyed materials is crucial, such as:






In order to optimize your capacity on these pipes, it is important to understand the difference between the two basic conveyor roller types.


A) Minimum pressure accumulating conveyor roller

The logic behind this conveyor belt is to provide sufficient driving pressure for the tread rollers to ensure that the products move and gently touch each other. A distinctive feature of this conveyor roller is related to back pressure-at least 2% of the total distributed load on the conveyor is applied to the back pressure.


B) Zero pressure accumulating conveyor roller

Unlike their minimum pressure counterparts, these accumulating conveyor rollers are used when the products need to be stacked without touching each other. This is an excellent solution for conveying fragile goods. how is it? The sensor activates the components in the conveyor belt, thereby eliminating the drive pressure of a specific part. All zero pressure conveyor models eliminate the trouble of purchasing a single logic controller for this purpose, thereby simplifying the stopping and starting process of cartons in the accumulation area, thereby increasing production and reliability, and reducing the accumulation of pressure on the production line.

 accumulating conveyor rollers

When seeking to implement this conveyor, it is recommended that you consider all considerations such as product weight, product size and conveyor speed.


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