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Turntable Conveyor Turntable Conveyor

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Product feature

The turntable is mainly composed of the upper conveying unit and the lower rotating unit

Unit and other parts. The conveying unit is divided into roller conveyor and chain conveyor.

Power driven rotation and delivery.

● Simple structure, stable operation in line with international safety standards

● Modular design

● Easy to install and maintain

● Rotation angle can be 90°~180° 

●The tray's own direction remains unchanged when the running direction is changed

●It is used for indoor transportation and tray steering for indoor environment


Rotational diameter(D)Min φ500
Roller diameter(H)φ50,φ60,φ76,φ89
Machine height(H)650-1500
Effective width(W)500-2000
Roller pitch(P)75,100,120,150
Rotation angle90°,180°,270°,360°
Rack materialFolded plate 120*40*15*3
Leg profileSquare tube 60*40*2
SpeedMax 20m/min
Motor power for rotation0.75kw,1.5kw
Motor power for conveying0.37kw,0.55kw,0.75kw,1.5kw

Order Information

Conveyor Parameter

Overall dimension:Length, width and height of the conveying object;

Single weight of conveyor:Unit KG;

Outer packing of conveyor:Canned, Carton, Wooden, Bag, Pallet, Bulk, etc;

Types of conveying materials:Chemical raw, high temperature , frozen , toxic , corrosive , etc.

work environment

Temperature, humidity, contamination

Conveyor type

Belt, drum, chain, telescope, lift

Conveying direction

Line, Turn, Climb, Curve, Vertical Lift

Conveyor dimension

Straight line: length, effective width, machine height
Turn: Turn inside diameter, effective width, machine height

Conveyor body material

stainless steel, aluminium profile, carbon steel spraying or plastic spraying (color according to customer requirements)

Driving device

Motor, Frequency Converter and Electrical Components: Domestic or Imported Brands, Power and Parameters

Speed: Constant , Variable

Subject selection

Roller: Length, Diameter, Installation Method, Cylinder Material, Shaft Material, Surface Treatment

Belt/Tooth Belt: Ordinary, Food, Anti-static, Radiation, Oil, Climbing, Skirt, Barrier

Chain board: width, pitch; Material: engineering plastics, stainless steel; Function: food grade, ordinary grade

Plastic steel mesh belt: width, pitch, opening rate, whether to add side or skirt

Stainless steel mesh belt: length, width, wire diameter, spacing

Power Supply

Single-phase 200V, single-phase 110V, three-phase 220V, three-phase 380V

The export of plywood case does not need fumigation, and has good structural strength and high stability. 

It has the advantages of light material, high strength, good elasticity and toughness, shock resistance and vibration resistance, easy coating, insulation, etc.Recyclable, conducive to environmental protection.

turn table

aluminum gravity roller conveyor

Conveyor packaging

Conveyor packaging

Our Factory conveyor technical force is abundant,has competely the advanced production the check-out facility,the specialized degree is high.




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