How to Select The Belt Pulley?

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When faced with the selection of pulleys, many customers are always hesitant. They don't know which models are available and which models they should choose. The following editor will tell you how to select the pulley.


Our timming belt pulley manufacturers come into contact with many customers every day. These customers have different industry equipment and application fields, but they all have a common feature that they all use pulleys for transmission.


How to choose the pulley model? It is divided into two steps, and the editor below will explain it in detail.


First step:


Do you know what types of pulleys are available? At present, the most commonly used pulleys in China include national standard pulleys, European standard taper-sleeve pulleys, and American standard pulleys. Two of the above three types of pulleys are more common in the market. One is the ordinary straight hole national standard pulley, and the other is the taper sleeve pulley. The uncommon one is the American standard pulley. The American standard pulley is generally purchased by domestic companies. Foreign machinery and equipment have entered the country as a complete set. As far as I know, there are currently no wheel manufacturers in China that produce American standards. Domestically, they are mainly based on the national and European standards.

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So when companies choose belt pulleys to match their own machinery, they need to consider the stability of later products to facilitate purchases.


My personal recommendation is to focus on standard parts, which is convenient for later production equipment, because it has a short delivery time and is easy to maintain. This is better for European standard taper pulleys. The products are matched with groove outer diameter and thickness. The cone sleeves are standard parts, suitable for use in various industries.


What I just said is just the first step in equipment selection, and it is also the most critical step. Only when the first step is selected, the following work will be easier.


The second step:


The second step is to choose different products according to the torque, power, and speed of different types of equipment. First of all, we need to know how much power is the motor supporting our equipment? What level of motor? What is the speed? What is the speed of the supporting equipment? How big is the working condition factor passed? With these, we also need to know the shaft diameter and length of the motor and the equipment end respectively?

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With the above parameters, I believe that general enterprises or individual processing plants will calculate the speed ratio. With the speed ratio, select the corresponding pulley model according to the equipment power working condition coefficient. After the pulley model is determined, the next step is to determine our equipment Choose a pulley with several grooves to meet our equipment needs.


Through the above steps, I believe it is difficult for some type-selection syndrome customers to become experts.


Do you now know how to choose the right pulley? If you don’t know anything, you can choose our timming belt pulley manufacturers, and we will give you the best service. If you want to choose the right pulley wheel, you can also contact us.


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